Women's choices of men can create a better world

Creating a less violent society is the basis for the creation of a society with better living conditions and higher living standards. That prosperity is higher in our part of the world is because Christian teaching was most successful in creating a less violent society. The technological development resulting from abolition of slavery in the Middle Ages in our part of the world led to the industrial revolution, the welfare society and the successes of Western civilization. Most of the violence is committed by men, but the women's choice of men determines what types of men we get. So, in order that women through the sexual selection should not breed violent men, women should be convinced to choose non-violent men in order to breed non-voilent men and thus reduce the proportion of violent men to get a less violent society with better living conditions.

Holiday for celebrating abolition of slavery that created a better world

I suggest that we establish a holiday for thanksgiving over our forefront christian ancestors who in the Middle Ages abolished slavery (Sween abounded slavery 1335), which gave rise to technological development and created conditions for today's society with better living conditions and higher living standards.
Before Sweden was christened, a large part of the revenues from the Vikings' raid was to take prisoners to be sold as slaves. These revenues and the earnest of compelling slaves (trlar) to work were rejected. By replacing slave market with labor market, the person who performs the work is paid to work (usually in nature) instead of being forced to work. By developing their professional skills, the worker can give a greater value of his work and thus the opportunity to get more paid for it. Hence, a development of working methods and technology will come about to maximize results, creating technical and economic development. That this development did not happen in other parts of the world of the world can, for example, depends on that a large parts of the world having a slave owner as prophet and supreme moral model and therefore not seeing slavery as something negative to be banned and thus missed the development of the society we received in our part of the world. The biggest benefit of the fall of the Roman Empire was the abolition of slavery (Youtube video, paragraph 6).

The war against slavery laid the foundation of the British Empire (Youtube video). The industrial revolution that came from slavery was forbidden on the British Isles resulted in machines being slaved. The North American Liberation War 1775-1783 through which the United States became independent resulted in the British losing the bulk of its slave colonies. Therafter, the British had no interest in preserving slavery but could instead strengthen their power by becoming moral power fighting slavery to thereby lower the economi of slave economies. The slave owners in Jamaica were reimbursed to release their slaves, but if the US southern states had remained in the empire, the cost of reimbursement slave owners for freeing slaves had been considerably greater. Those who were hit hardest by British warships hunting slave ships were the slave-exporting rulers in Africa who lost their export earnings, thus unable them to maintain the armies they needed to defend their kingdoms, which give the Europeans the possibility to conquer and divide Africa.

Some claims that the wealth of Europe is due to slave colonies in America during 16th and 17th centuries. However, since the slaves from Africa was brought to America and not to Europe, paid European worker were not replaced with slaves and there was thus no influence on the labor market in Europe. Even if slaves in America worked for free it had been uneconomical to ship the raw material to America and ship produced goods back to Europe instead of producing the goods in Europe with paid workers. The goods that was produced in the American slave colonies, tobacco and sugar, made the slave owners rich, but it brought health problems rather than wealth to the people in Europe.

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